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Military Bowl: Bowling Green gets San Jose State

I had seen this as a possible destination for the Falcons, but there was also speculation that they may get nothing. All they got was the $2 million combined payout bowl in Washington D.C., the third-richest bowl in which a MAC team will participate.

The task at hand is a tough one. SJSU finished second in the WAC, snuck into the Top 25 and has won their last six games. They have one common opponent: Idaho, who lost to both of them, although the Spartans blew them out far better. The Military Bowl is going to be your standard excellent offense vs. excellent defense game. SJSU puts up 35 points a game; BGSU allows about 16 a game and usually keeps teams about 10 points below their average.

Bowling Green hasn't won a bowl since 2004; they've lost their last two matchups and sadly I don't particularly like their chances against this team.