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WKU may or may not be up 21-17

Depending on your vantage point of Kadeem Jones' one-yard touchdown "jump," he got the football to break the plane of the end zone. Or perhaps you think Jones fumbled the ball, and Jahleel Addae recovered it for a touchback, in which case CMU remains ahead 17-14. Choose your own reality.

I will say, though, that Ryan Radcliff's had some great passes, but is is living dan-ger-ous-ly. In some of his throws he has completely turned a blind eye to a defender poised to jump the route and a sure interception was dropped. If this game ends the way I think it will, an interception is ultimately going to undo CMU's chance at winning this thing. But if they can regain that lead, then Zurlon Tipton oughta destroy the clock behind that offensive line.