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Did San Jose State's punter get injured during a fit of rage?

This is San Jose State junior punter Harrison Waid:



He's angry because the referee didn't call Bowling Green for a roughing/running into the kicker penalty on his punt. On the replay he appeared to fall down intentionally, or "flop." It didn't work, and Waid threw a punter tantrum all the way to the sidelines.

He's also SJSU's primary kickoff specialist but he was not seen on the kickoff following a Spartans touchdown. ESPN cameras showed him being tended to by members of the athletic staff on the bench. Did he get hurt ... complaining to the refs ... that they didn't buy his flop job? If so, then Milton Bradley would be proud.

Waid was not seen on SJSU's next punt either, which BGSU blocked. Shades of the Ohio game!

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