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Notre Dame No. 1 In Our Final BlogPoll Ballot

Irish, Florida 1-2 in our last ballot of the regular season, but of course it's 'Bama that will play in the national title game.

Harry How

It's been fun, guys. Real fun. But the regular season and championship week are all over, and with that there' s only one more BlogPoll ballot let, the one that comes after all the bowl games are played. There wasn't a whole lot of movement in this week's poll.

  • I dropped Georgia to 10th, mainly because the Bulldogs have two losses now - the same as South Carolina - and lost to South Carolina by 28 points. I'm willing to bet no other voter has them that low.
  • I left Northern Illinois at 15, Kent State at 17, moved Toledo up one spot to 18 and kept Ball State at No. 25 for the second consecutive week.