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Jim Tressel May Be Going To Akron After All, Just Not As Coach

First of all, I don't know if there was ever a person to be near-seriously considered for both a MAC and NFL head coaching job in the same season. But after he turned down Akron and wasn't named head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, as hilarious as either would have turned out, Tressel still needs to work. We can't all be replay consultants forever. It's a dead-end job. Especially in the NFL, where in five years replay will become an instantaneous calculation by a computer installed within a referee's brain and—

Oh, right. Tressel. There's a report by the Plain Dealer that Akron is having serious conversations with him — stemming back from talks with him about the coaching search — that the Zips alum could still be employed with them in some administrative capacity. I don't know what this means, but it doesn't sound like (and this is my guess) it's going to be a job in the athletics department. Or even if I were to hear of the assumed title that I would know what the flip he would do.

So it's looking very possible that by the end of the week, Akron is going to have Tressel, Terry Bowden, Rob Ianello, and Chuck Amato on the payroll — and only one of them is the acting head football coach. Maybe that's an experiment for you. Hire nothing but ex-football coaches at a campus and put them in all the departments. Make them deans and professors. See what happens!