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See, Because His Name Is Jack Snowball

You can peruse the list of new MAC football players destined to be part of the season in 2012, redshirt or otherwise. Don't read anything into the number of stars or ratings. At this level it doesn't matter. Just know that the last two MAC Players of the Year (Roosevelt Nix and Anthon Samuel) were both low-rated "two star" recruits who won the thing as true freshmen.

So there's really nothing left to do but maybe glance at the geographical clout of these schools, perhaps poke at some names.

But, really, Miami got a running back named Jack Snowball. Excellent name.

Another favorite could be ... well, Toledo offensive lineman Troy Favorite.

Other confusing signings: Kent Kern signed with Miami. CMU signed a pocket quarterback named Cooper Rush. EMU signed a linebacker named Hunter Matt, who I'm guessing plays upside down.

I hate to break it to the soon-to-be-out-of-high-school athletes, thinking that the first 18 years of their life will be the only time their picked on for their names. No, it happens all the time. Because none of us ever grow up. Our bodies, but not our minds.