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Temple, The Door Is Over There

Realignment news is the pits. It creates uncertainty not only into the financial situations of those moving (or those left behind), but it can tear apart old rivalries and generate even more cynicism into a lumbering beast of a sport where whiffs hypocrisy can be found at every corner, based on who's making the money and who's doing the work.

It's with this sentiment that I say: if Temple doesn't want to be in the MAC, then I don't want them here.

Y'probably already saw the reports that the Big East is looking to get back together with Temple after kicking them to the curb for noncompetitiveness, then adding them in all sports. We'll know in a week or so, historically when the Big East and MAC release their football schedules — although I guess in a nuclear situation they'd push that back.

But it seems like a fluid situation that I'm sure several high profile and smart beat writers are going to watch, foraging for information and synthesizing the most likely situations. It's what they've done for the last 10 years. If you ask me today, tomorrow, or any calendar day until a decision is announced, I couldn't tell you what I think will happen. Just that I know that when an entity is in your group and they keep one hand on their phone waiting for a call to move somewhere else (because that's what they've been telling their recruits), it makes everyone else uneasy. And I'd like this to be a happy sports conference.

That's about it. I couldn't tell you what'll happen to the future of UMass football and if they will also use the MAC as a steppingstone to a bigger conference. Or if Bowling Green football may be flopped back to the MAC East. I'm kidding. BGSU is going to switch divisions every three years until the end of time, and even after the universe ends, procedurally the hypothetical matter once known as BGSU football will switch divisions for the purposes of human law, of which there will be no record because everyone will be dead by then.