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Kent State-BGSU Featured Three Alley-Oops Of The Year

I spend hours a day trying to come up with words to quantify results in sports. Their impact. Their contest in the past, present and future. The legacies of athletes and coaches. Nerdy things such as stats, advanced metrics and searching for hidden truths in the numbers. That's what we do — sometimes we succeed.

Meanwhile, it's the athletes' jobs to not only ignore what we wordsmiths do and make sports plays so spectacular that our words lose all meaning, or cause our jaws to drop so much that we're limited to vowel sounds.

So I'm just going to drop these video highlights here and stop writing, except to point out what to watch in these Bowling Green-Kent State highlights, essentially an homage to professional slam dunk contests.

0:43 — Wee little Jordon Crawford with the a fastbreak 'oop to Craig Sealey.

1:37 — Torian Oglesby on the block, followed Dee Brown on the fastbreak, back to Oglesby. Note: if you don't have time to watch all three, WATCH ONLY THIS ONE.

1:56 — Michael Porrini with a long-distance assist to Chris Evans.