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Temple Hasn't Left The MAC Yet, And The Waiting Continues

We thought we'd have a resolution on Temple football's 2012 home by the launch of our YouTube network. Nope ... the board of trustees cancelled their meeting yesterday.

So this is how it's going to be. In a perfect world the realignment door would have been slammed shut, meaning Temple would have to wait until 2016 to join another conference. Instead, we're left suspended in midair wondering if the Owls are going to stay in the MAC or join the Big East, and if so ... when.

And what of new member UMass? Does Bowling Green move back to the MAC East? Would they gun for a 14th member, and if so ... who? Shall the MAC get any additional monetary compensation for an early exit? Perhaps they release a football schedule, pencil in Temple, and if they leave, they just let the football team spend Saturday afternoon rolling in large piles of money.

Speculation is really all we have at this moment. That ... and dead air.