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MAC Basketball Tournament: Championship Open Game Thread

It seems only fitting that the two teams that had the best runs this season are meeting in the MAC Championship game.

Ohio breezed through the early part of the season, and almost pulled off the win of the year in the MAC, falling just five points short of Big East finalist Louisville. Then January hit and Ohio came back to the pack.

Meanwhile, Akron stumbled through the non-conference slate, only to come alive once the MAC season began. With no clear best player, the Zips finished 13-3 and earned the opportunity to win just one game to be here with the chance to repeat.

Assuming the river doesn't catch on fire in the next hour, the two teams will take the floor at Quicken Loans Arena, and we will all settle in to see who will be the MAC's lone team in the NCAA Tournament.

Go past the jump and join our open game thread for tonight's MAC Championship.

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