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NCAA Tournament: What the Number Next to OHIO Will Be

D.J. Cooper is projected to face a lot of men of the Zeke Marshall-size in the latest bracket projections
D.J. Cooper is projected to face a lot of men of the Zeke Marshall-size in the latest bracket projections

As usual, the MAC Tournament delivered some great drama. Unfortunately for Akron, it was of the kind that they will never want to put in the DVD player to review. I am pretty sure the legend of the Alex Abreu free throw will only grow over time.

I am not sure that OHIO will want to watch the final three minutes of the game either. It wasn't the most sane game plan by John Groce, but it worked in the end.

Just based on that game alone, either of the MAC teams would have a chance to beat someone in the NCAA Tournament. The only question will be how Ohio is seeded and how good that team they will take on will be.

After the jump, a look at the latest tournament projections for OHIO from around the Interwebs.

First bad news. According to, Ohio finished with an RPI of 59 and a strength of schedule of 177. That would have Ohio sitting on the bubble if they had the ever famous "quality wins" to speak of, but only one of the Bobcats' wins came in the top 50 of the RPI (for what that's worth). They were 7-1 against the next 50, with the only loss coming at Akron.

The good news is that it doesn't make the Bobcats that much worse than some of the teams that are looking at bubble spots. There is the matter of the two 200+ losses for Ohio, which should knock them down the seeding peg a little bit.

So where do they stand?

We will start locally, with the latest SBNation projection. It isn't pretty. According to Chris Dobbertean, Ohio would be a 14 seed with the unenviable task of taking on Marquette. The Golden Eagles aren't what they once were this season, but there is a big gap between the Bobcats and Marquette.

Joe Lunardi at ESPN was a little kinder to Ohio, making them the 13 seed in the West, playing in Albuquerque. What isn't nice is the opponent: Florida State. The Seminoles have depth on the front lines and would batter Ohio inside unlike anything the Bobcats have seen this season (including Akron's big three). It could be a massacre.

Jerry Palm has Ohio playing closer to home in his projection for CBS.The Bobcats would travel to Nashville as the 13 seed to face Wisconsin, another team of big men. Even tougher for Ohio would be the slow pace of the game against the Badgers. There wouldn't be the opportunities to get as many shots to counter the lack of inside scoring.

Based just on those three projection, Ohio looks to have a good shot at a 13 seed. Not so fast though. There are more than 50 brackets out there in the Internet. At the Bracket Project, they compile all of the ones they can find into a giant bracket projection. There, Ohio sits at a 14 seed, with at least one team ahead of them to prevent them moving onto the 13 line, based on the 62 brackets in the latest projection.

They don't actually project a bracket there, so it is impossible to determine who the opponent would be, but for arguments sake, the No. 3 seeds are Baylor, Marquette, Michigan and Georgetown, not of which would seem to be a good matchup for Ohio.

We will find out for sure later tonight. The tournament selection show begins at 6 p.m. Eastern time on CBS (and with competing analysis on ESPN to be played all night long).