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Western Michigan Fires Women's Basketball Coach Tasha McDowell

There's been a strong continuity of MAC women's basketball coaches lately. For example: not a single change at any of the 12 coaches last year!

But we have our first casualty: Tasha McDowell was fired by Western Michigan after yet another losing season, her fourth in a row (8-22). Probably the right move. Her teams never won more than nine wins in a game, and her overall record through four seasons was 33-87.

For what it's worth, I'm not sure how many other coaches have the fortitude to tweet the link to their own firing:

Furthermore, a stunning stat here by the Kalamazoo Gazette: the WMU team never had more than a two-game winning streak under McDowell. They also never cracked the first round of the MAC Women's Basketball Tournament and admittedly they were dealt a bad hand when senior leader Miame Giden went down with a season-ending injury in November. But there just wasn't any other improvement through those four years, and other teams have persevered with big-time injuries to top players. Examples this year include Akron and Toledo.

Since 1967, the WMU women's basketball program has had a total of five coaches. McDowell's tenure will be considered the shortest to date but they're by no means a storied program. They've got two MAC championships: 2003 and 1985. Sprinkle in a couple other WNIT appearances and that's about it. So that's what you're up against, Future WMU Coach!