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MAC Women's Basketball: One To The NCAAs, Four To The WNIT

One more than I expected, so maybe I need to work on my expectations. But the draw was unveiled last night and the Eastern Michigan Eagles nabbed a 12-seed, facing 5-seeded and 25th-ranked South Carolina in West Lafayette, Indiana. A favorable location for them, if nothing else.

It looks like SC is a male-EMU-type team: low scoring, low pace, good defense. Their 3-point defense in SEC games was immense: 18.6% on threes against. Sweet lord. That's the lowest of anybody in any conference. Thankfully EMU is not a team that relies on the 3-point shot.

Essentially both teams have real nice defense and EMU tends to score more points. Should be a nice close game.

Then you've got the 64-team WNIT, a tournament that despite its large size, Toledo was able to win it last year without leaving the building. (They probably left to sleep and go to school, I reckon.) Four MAC teams are in the field:

THURSDAY: VCU (17-14, 9-9 CAA) at Bowling Green (24-6, 14-2 MAC)
THURSDAY: Central Michigan (19-15, 8-8 MAC) at Illinois State (18-12, 13-5 MVC)
THURSDAY: Miami (21-9, 9-5 MAC) at Richmond (22-8, 9-5 A-10)
FRIDAY: Detroit (20-14, 14-5 Horizon) at Toledo (21-9, 13-3 MAC)

Only thing that made me giggle a bit: CMU played at Illinois State in last year's WNIT and lost. Other than that I like the odds of the other three to win their first round games. Alternatively I don't think UT is ever not going to play a WNIT game away from home.