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VIDEO: Ohio-Michigan Rivalry Explained With A Map

Camera antics are back, this time with a map!

More wall-to-wall OHIO-Michigan coverage is expected. But for now I did want to explain in moving picture form about this rivalry. It remains an integral part of not only this game's intrigue, but also explains much of the two states' latent animus toward one another and why the two states keep splashing each other with Lake Erie, scarring lower Ontario for life.

Additionally I've been pitching on on UM blog Q&As all week (one so far, more to come) and despite having the Bobcats in my Sweet 16 bracket, I realize this is probably an incorrect outcome.

I'm looking to answer your questions in future videos, MAC-related or otherwise. If you have ANY questions for the mailbag, email me below, post to our Facebook page or "at" us on Twitter @HustleBelt.