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CIT: Toledo-McNeese State Postgame Preview

Knowing how much the Invitational Tournament enjoys winging the process of their tournament as they go, we decided to also change it up and write a preview of Toledo's first-round game of McNeese State after the game had concluded.

It's very surprising that UT is in a postseason tournament game at all, even with a poor RPI and weak 18-16 record Here's what Toledo needs to do to win:

Drive to the basket. 3-pointers are nice, but their big men aren't in the game very often and are generally undersized inside. Doing this and you'll make 70 percent of your two-pointers. Say ... 19 of 27.

Get to the line. If they can shoot something like 14-for-18 on free throws and prevent the Cowboys from getting to the line, that'd certainly help.

Let Juice work. The MAC Freshman of the Year is one of the reasons they're inexplicably here. If he has a good game he might go for, suppose, 15 points and 11 assists.

Prediction: Toledo 76, McNeese State 63.