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MAC Hockey Live Thread: LIVE From The Joe

This is finally here. After 5 and a half months the end of the regular season is just hours away. But before then, there are still 17 games to decide who will continue their season. And we have a new venue to report from!

Yes, I am here, in the famous Joe Louis Arena. Since all 3 MAC teams made it to the Joe, the CCHA people felt the need to put me in the press box to cover this amazing madness. I'm still in awe that I'm here so let me take a moment to gather my thoughts.

Ok, that's better. The first game is between Miami and Western Michigan, starting at 4:35. The 2nd game is the Michigan-Bowling Green match-up set for approximately 8:05 pm. Remember, games can go into repeating overtimes today, so there could be endless hockey.

My seat: