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Ohio University Is Proof You Are Smart

No fluke, no head-scratching victory, no stupidness. OHIO won this game the way we thought they might.
No fluke, no head-scratching victory, no stupidness. OHIO won this game the way we thought they might.

2010: You know the story, because it's still being told. OHIO just destroys Georgetown 97-83. The game was well decided before the final buzzer. They did this is a nine-seed in the MAC and a 14-seed in the NCAA tournament. We were stupid. It was fueled by Armon Bassett who had the month of his life and has never been heard from again except in police blotters. It was an anomaly. People asked each other if OHIO could do to Michigan what they did to Georgetown. Aside from DJ Cooper and coach John Groce ... these are just different teams and circumstances, man.

2012: One of the favorites to win the MAC, OHIO wins the MAC tournament in unsurprising yet dramatic fashion then beat Michigan in a very close game that wasn't decided until the final 10 seconds. Cooper would make a great shot or pass, and Michigan would respond with a basket of their own. Some guy named Evan Smotrycz had a career game.

The two games had one commonality: a team from Ohio University won the basketball game in a textbook upset and will play in the second round. Other than that, that was about it.

I'm not diminishing what happened in 2010, but there was a definite flukish trait to it. Everything fell into place. What made the victory over Michigan so sweet was that it happened the way we thought it would. OHIO would defend the 3-point shot. Cooper would slash to the basket and impress the nation yet again. Walter Offutt stepped up and drew a charge. Ivo Baltic hits a shot, and then Nick Kellogg drains a three. They all did things according to plan — or how we thought they would beat this Michigan team.

We are all smart because we knew how it would happen, even when many times times we weren't sure they were going to make it happen. The MAC is still alive in the NCAA tournament. They'll play either Temple or South Florida on Sunday.