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Jamaal Bass Tackling A Toledo Band Member Is Now A Criminal Thing

Jamaal Bass, tackling somebody he was supposed to.
Jamaal Bass, tackling somebody he was supposed to.

So, remember this?

Feels like forever, man. But Northern Illinois linebacker Jamaal Bass was storming onto the Glass Bowl field before their big game against Toledo (the one that ended 63-60). After reviewing the video Bass was suspended one game, then three games ... then played in the MAC Championship and bowl game. We figured the matter was closed, other than Jamaal Bass always being associated with "the guy that hates marching bands."

But we're far from it. For something that happened four months ago, Bass now needs to answer to a criminal court in Toledo as he was charged with two counts of assault, one a second-degree felony and one a first-degree misdemeanor. This news comes via Huskiewire, who says the Toledo Blade reported it, but I couldn't locate that URL. In any event, here's the direct link to the court document.

Meanwhile, neither defensive coordinator was arrested for 123 combined points scored in regulation.

I guess I understand the intent of the charges: people shouldn't do it, funny as it is, because band members shouldn't be subject to tackles in a non-Cal-Stanford setting, but they're also usually smaller and meeker than football players who are given educational scholarships to hit people. But FELONY assault? Which one did he hit harder?

And I'm pretty sure this will be settled with a lesser guilty plea of second-degree nerd smashing or perhaps even attempted bandslaughter.