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VIDEO: Additional Thoughts About OHIO In The Sweet 16

And here's my latest video, pretty much mirroring one of the motifs of our post from earlier today. Only this time I'm outside and walking. Previously I was sitting and being silent. I'm also sitting and being silent right now! Spooky.

Bottom line: it's not looking good for OHIO in the Sweet 16. And I know this fangled tournament is usually won by large schools with deep athletic budgets and rosters to boot. North Carolina's point guard broke his hand and they're STILL an obvious favorite. (Although Kendall Marshall's dad insists he'll probably be ready to play.)

But even though OHIO is going to do all they can to game for this matchup ... they have my support but they don't need me to be overly optimistic about it. It's already a successful season. They're gambling with house money. Shoot the damn ball as much as you can until it hurts to get back on defense. That's all the advice I am. I'd make a terrible coach.