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Trey Zeigler Leaving Central Michigan

Trey Zeigler was granted his transfer request Tuesday. He leaves CMU with averages of 16 points, and 6 rebounds per game.
Trey Zeigler was granted his transfer request Tuesday. He leaves CMU with averages of 16 points, and 6 rebounds per game.

The move we were all anticipating has happened, as CMU athletics has confirmed that on Tuesday morning they granted a transfer request to Trey Zeigler, son of fired former coach Ernie Zeigler.

In his two years at Central Michigan, Zeigler posted 16 points, and 6 rebounds per game. Trey also became the first player in Chippewa history to break the 1,000 point mark as a sophomore.

Trey joined the Chippewas much hyped out of high school, a top 30 prospect, and arguably the most hyped MAC recruit ever in basketball. He was immediately dubbed the savior of CMU Basketball. Despite the great numbers he posted as a freshman, 16.3 ppg, 5.4 rpg, 2.1 assists many felt he fell short of expectations, particularly because the team struggled to a 10-21 record, and because Trey shot 39.5% from the field, and 56.6% from the foul line.

Trey became a much more efficient player in his sophomore season, averaging 15.8 points, but doing it on 46.2% shooting from the field. He also upped his rebounds by 1.3 per game to 6.7, and increased his assists to 2.5 per game. Despite those improvements, he somehow got worse from the foul line, finishing the season at a dismal 49.5%

Trey finishes his CMU career with 1011 points, 382 rebounds, 145 assists, a 42.6 FG%, and a 52.8 FT%.

After being granted his transfer request, Zeigler tweeted that he had an official visit to Duke this coming weekend. Many top D-1 programs will likely be after the services of Zeigler, who was heavily recruited by Duke, UCLA, Michigan, and Michigan State coming out of high school. Also because every school in the world could use a guy who averages 16 and 6.

Despite other players on the roster, most notably MAC All-Freshman selection Austin McBroom, saying they would transfer after the firing of Zeigler, CMU has said that those players will have to wait until the Chippewas have hired a new coach before they will honor any other transfer requests.

Dave Heeke, CMU Athletics Director, has said that he plans to hire a new coach before the end of the current semester to players still with the program have the opportunity to meet the new staff before making a final decision about whether they still wish to transfer.