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Here's Some Stuff About UMass Football, Including Kellen Pagel's MAC Return

UMass has a dream that someday Gillette Stadium will be sold out JUST FOR THEM.
UMass has a dream that someday Gillette Stadium will be sold out JUST FOR THEM.

A couple things while we await the MAC football schedule and/or OHIO's game against North Carolina tomorrow: the University of Massachusetts seems committed and stuff to this whole "playing football in the MAC" cause. That's neat! 13 out of 14 schools are all about that. And yes, we did bring in a new contributor to discuss MAC football, and we'll update the sidebar and possibly the logo, blah blah blah.

But for now, the indefatigable Bill Connelly is beginning his death march of FBS previews, and with five four more schools in the fold raising the total to 125, he's starting with the teams making "the jump." Today it's UMass, and boy does he go long on them. How does he find the time?

He touches on my favorite part about the UMass advent: Kellen Pagel. He transferred away from Bowling Green after the 2010 season and was able to immediately play at the FCS level (you don't have to sit out a year, apparently). And before the 2011 season even began he realized that, welp, he's going to be back in the MAC eventually.

You can't escape us. You never will. And I'd say there's a 95 percent chance that, with two more years and assuming BGSU stays in the MAC East, UMass makes a return to Doyt Perry Stadium and Pagel will see his first playing time as a member of the Minutemen. (The only time he saw gametime with the Falcons was in relief at Michigan.)

A reminder: don't expect much out of 2012 in terms of success. Maybe they'll win some games but as a transitional FBS member they cannot participate in bowls or MAC Championships. They could take everyone by surprise and win the division! But they wouldn't play for the title. Of course it's hard to say if they have a chance seeing as how, y'know, we don't have a MAC football schedule yet.