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VIDEO: Ohio Has Four Teams In The Sweet 16 And You Should Be Happy For Us

I hadn't been really pursuing any type of larger contribution to SB Nation Proper because yes I can write but so can a bunch of other really talented cats who want to do this type of thing for a living. I'm kind of past that pipe dream myself and am in a torrid love affair my little niche over covering MAC sports.

But I couldn't say "no" to the opportunity to make a video about the four Ohio teams in the Sweet 16, simply because (a) one of them is a MAC school and (b) I'm just too beautiful to be trapped behind a computer screen. Please don't be angry at me for this latter fact. Heartthrobs are born, not bred, I've been told by myself.

And I wish I could tell you more about the other three non-MAC teams, but sadly I've scanned the Internet and can't find out much about them. Looks like OHIO's the one we all know and love!

Personal true thing: When I applied for colleges in high school I was accepted into both Ohio State and Xavier but chose Bowling Green over them. Nyah nyah.