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WNIT: You Guessed It, Toledo Trounces VCU, Next Game Is At Home

Va. Commonwealth Rams (19-15) 28 36 64
Toledo Rockets (24-9) 33 48 81

Yep. Another home victory for WNIToledo ... and yes they will play in the quarterfinals/"Okay Eight" on Saturday against Syracuse in ... Syracuse! Just kidding. It'll be in Savage Arena, of course, because where else would it be?

The first half was your classic game-o-runs, with UT going up 20-10 before VCU followed that up with an 18-2 stretch and then UT closed the half with a lead. And then with about eight minutes left ... the Rockets just blew by the Rams. Courtney Ingersoll followed up her insane game against Cincinnati with an even more insane one: 24 points, eight assists (seven in the second half) and four rebounds. Andola Dortch fought off an apparent ankle roll in the second half to finish with 20 points, six boards and five assists. And Yolanda Richardson anchored the game inside for 17 points and eight rebounds.

Basically UT played nearly perfect in the second half (just one turnover) and VCU wasn't good enough. Great run for them, though, as they had to win at Bowling Green at the buzzer then at St. Joseph's in overtime. You only get so much magic in the hat.

The Toledo-Syracuse game is at 2 p.m. and here's another school that didn't seem to care much in the ways of bidding for a home game. They've won three straight on the road: Hartford, Drexel and Temple. They pounded a couple of lesser MAC teams in the regular season (OHIO, Buffalo) and had a really nice win at DePaul this year ... and that's really all I know about them right now. I think their men's team is kinda good.