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Curt Miller Leaves BGSU To Take Indiana Job

Photo credit: Jason Miller-US PRESSWIRE
Photo credit: Jason Miller-US PRESSWIRE

OK, now I'm in a bad mood again. Curt Miller, who turned women's basketball into a powerhouse program at Bowling Green, has left the Falcons to take the opening at Indiana University, the BG athletic department has announced. He's replacing Felicia Legette-Jack, who went six seasons at IU with little to show for it recently.

What a total shock of an announcement. He was expected to leave at some point in the last five years, possibly going to Michigan State or New Mexico or UCLA ... and he came back every time. And NOW that he's got a brand new basketball arena in the Stroh Center, he's finally gone.

The only thing I can think of is he's finally comfortable that the program is in comfortable hands without him. Because if he wasn't there and they still had to recruit using Anderson Arena ... then that would be bad. But now they got that awesome arena.

I really want to believe that BGSU women's basketball is bigger than Curt Miller but for the last 11 years he's been their face and heart. Ali Mann, Liz Honegger, Lauren Prochaska and all those banners wouldn't have existed without him. And for a school that hasn't really been the top dog in anything else for a while, ultimately I as a Falcon fan have to be immensely thankful to enjoy the championship teams he's sired in the last decade.

I'll obviously have more on this ... once I'm in a less crotchety mood.