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VIDEO: The Final Voicemails I Left For Temple

And it's official. Temple football is gone from the MAC, they are joining the Big East and leaving a giant wad of cash where their position in the conference once laid. Everything is back to the way it was last year, with UMass taking Temple's spot and Bowling Green returning to the MAC East, because they can keep moving them around in divisions until the end of time.

I've said this before and still believe it: none of us in the MAC are really sad that Temple is leaving other than a rather decent team is gone from the conference, and that might hurt the overall strength. But it was clear since probably two years ago that the Owls had no intention of staying in the Mid-American Conference, while the other 12 seem pretty happy sticking around. Will there be a 14th, or will UMass treat us like a truck stop? Can't answer today, won't worry about today.

The only part I don't truly understand is why not slot BGSU in the MAC West for football-only? If you're going to have lopsided divisions why not keep them in a division with their natural rival Toledo as well as other teams geographically close to them?

But now at least they can start fleshing out a football schedule and we can move on with our merry lives. Everybody's happy and the Mid-American Conference is much richer.