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Keno Davis Owns The MAC In Twitter Followers

Don't hog all the followers, Coach Keno.
Don't hog all the followers, Coach Keno.

It can mainly be attributed to his previous gig at Providence along with his analysis job at Big Ten Network. But by hiring him, Central Michigan basketball can claim the most followed person on Twitter: Keno Davis. In fact, his follower count, which is well over 20,000, pretty much dwarfs the rest of his compatriots, including men's basketball and football:

Central Michigan basketball:
Eastern Michigan basketball:
Akron football: ← and he hasn't even tweeted in two years!
Eastern Michigan football:
Western Michigan football:
OHIO basketball: ← needs updating, coach!
UMass football:
Kent State basketball:
Western Michigan basketball:
Miami football:
Toledo football:
Buffalo football:
Northern Illinois basketball:
Bowling Green basketball: ← He hasn't been on lately either.

(Sorted by follower count at the time of the post. Obviously these are dynamic numbers so will update in real time.)

Davis has almost twice as many as everyone else COMBINED. I really doubt any other MAC coach in their current position is going to make it very high beyond 5,000 but it would be nice to see some of the other coaches join and share what's going on. Or at least make it so that the rest of the field owns at least 51% of the total follower count. C'mon, fans. Drive up the numbers.