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Central Michigan Suspends 5 Football Players, Austin White Included

We'll find out what the heck happened hopefully soon, but for now Central Michigan has suspended five players: sophomore wide receiver Deon Butler, sophomore defensive back Kevin King, freshman wide receiver Danel Harris, sophomore tight end Joe Sawicki and most notably sophomore running back Austin White. The Morning Sun has the details, scant as they currently are, while the CMU release alluded to local authorities having to "determine what further action is needed."

Could be a big uh-oh! (Or at least a multitude of EDSBS Fulmer Cup points.)

The only name, if you recognize any, would be White, who was part of the Michigan team in 2010 before transferring away from the Rich Rodriguez-led team and seemed like a natural candidate to share time at running back with Zurlon Tipton.

If the other players do not begin the season with the Chips, they wouldn't lose a lot of serious playmakers other than cursory holes on the depth chart. Last year Butler had six receptions for 49 yards and King registered six tackles and Sawicki did not get into any games last year.

I don't know if it's a pattern in Mount Pleasant, but two CMU players were suspended to begin this past season: Kashawn Fraser missed two games and Lorenzo White sat one for one. Or you can look at it the other way: CMU is cracking down on minor infractions and taking action accordingly.