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Two CMU Football Players Arrested For Selling Mushrooms; Austin White Is On The Run

Remember when five Central Michigan football players were suspended and "local authorities" were involved? We knew that couldn't turn out well. Well, two of them have been arrested and a third is being sought, related to a drug-selling ring.

Joe Sawicki and Danel Harris were arrested by CMU police today, while Austin White — a former Michigan running back who was also suspended by head coach Dan Enos last year — has not been located by police after it's believed he knew he was in trouble and fled the area.

According to the Morning Sun article, Sawicki was arrested for "delivery/manufacture of narcotics, possession of narcotics and maintaining a drug house," specifically a narcotic mushroom called psilocybin. Maybe this shows how lame a college boy I was but I never heard of that drug. Harris' alleged crime was "felony larceny from a vehicle." It doesn't specifically say the charges are related but I have to imagine they are. And White is being arrested for similar drug charges to Sawicki.

The two other suspended players, Kevin King and Deon Butler, haven't been arrested but they're being investigated by police. The astute CM Life article mentions that Butler is roommates with White and Sawicki.

And you can bet your sweet bottom that this is going to vault CMU up EDSBS' Fulmer Cup chart.