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Kevin Bieksa Just Made Bowling Green Hockey Proud

Kevin Bieksa, still representing BGSU publicly in interviews.
Kevin Bieksa, still representing BGSU publicly in interviews.

It's tough for me these days to pick a hockey team since I normally go based on where the BGSU alum are. Dan Bylsma coaches the Penguins — ack. And defenseman Kevin Bieksa plays for the Vancounver Canucks, but they were just eliminated tonight by the Los Angeles Kings in the first round. Wonder where Brian Holzinger is playing these days.

But this interview just put a gold star next to "MAC hockey." You might've heard it this weekend: Bieska was approached by a Fox Sports reporter thinking he was Canucks teammate Ryan Kesler, a Michigan native and former Ohio State player. So Bieksa just up 'n did the interview like he was Kesler.

There really is an innate beauty to one line in particular, which is the only reason I'm posting this:

REPORTER: How do you feel about Ohio State?

BIEKSA/"KESLER": Love the Buckeyes … the Bowling Green Falcons I felt always took to us. But Ohio State, we're a good club, we're definitely [one of the] top three schools in Ohio.

So ... so wonderful. As you may know, there are a total of three Division I hockey teams in Ohio. And what makes it even funnier is that during Bieksa's time at BGSU, his Falcons went 2-8 against Ohio State, including 0-6 in his two upperclassmen years.