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A Fourth CMU Player Arrested, But This One's Not As Bad

Four down, one to go. #CMUshroom marches onward as receiver Deon Butler was arrested and arraigned on Monday but his infractions aren't as bad as the others: one count of receiving stolen property valued between $200 and $1,000 — it appears to be a cell phone. An arrest is still an arrest but he remains on the team for now. And we've been operating under the assumption that all four arrests are related since the stolen property arrests by Butler and King led the police to the mushroom tanks.

So, to summarize the up-to-date stuff we know:

Austin White, Joe Sawicki: Off the team, arrested for making and selling mushrooms.

Danel Harris: Off the team, arrested for felony larceny.

Deon Butler: Suspended indefinitely, arrested for misdemeanor receiving stolen property.

Kevin King: Suspended indefinitely, not charged with anything.

The story could get worse but I have a feeling it's going to end here not unlike the TCU drug story. Yes, they were probably selling drugs to other CMU students and maybe even other athletes but I can't really wager they can go after everybody.