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The Summer Of Hustle

It's April and you're still reading this site, so this means you're dedicated. Congratulations! You're addicted to Mid-American Conference sports. Sad to say: there is no cure, so don't bother looking for one nor pine for its existence. All we can do year round is discuss the teams of yesteryear and perhaps the yesterfuture.

Last summer we did MACwood Squares, celebrating each school's most important athletes of all time. This summer we'll try more of the same. I don't want to spoil the ending for what we have going on, but bear in mind it'll be a celebration of our conference's past, if not slanted toward the very recent (10 or 20 years). And simulations may or may not be involved.

As always we'll welcome your contributions or ideas you have, or even your favorite MAC moments or stories. The one caveat: personal anecdotes are cool but anything that could be wholly slanderous to someone's reputation, we're not down with that.