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Subscribe To The SB Nation YouTube Channel, Why Don'tcha

So you've been watching my videos, right? RIGHT?! Don't answer that. If you've been laughing at the production quality, then that's because I'm sort of a one-man operation. If you've been laughing at the jokes, then that's normal.

But the SBN guys are doing much better at the quality because they have several neat people polishing the videos — remember when they did this for me once? To boot they also employ perhaps more attractive people with clean pants and perhaps makeup. If you're a YouTube junkie then I would recommend subscribing to the SB Nation channel, being the company man that I am. They did a bunch of NFL stuff this weekend, and as you know some of the MAC players were selected in said draft! Neat!

Not into NFL? OK, then if you haven't discovered Shutdown Fullback, there's still some time to watch the first episodes. The goofballs behind Every Day Should Be Saturday, fervent proponents of MAC football, assembled about as ridiculous a show as you can imagine about college football. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll find continuity errors. I recommend it, especially if Friday morning depress you so.