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OHIO Is Ranked 25th In The Coaches Poll, But...

I'm just going to present the final 2011-2012 ESPN/Coaches basketball poll and how each team finished. Any conclusions thereafter, I'll let you draw:

1. Kentucky (champion)

2. Kansas (runner up)

3. Ohio State (Final Four)

4. Louisville (Final Four)

5. Syracuse (Elite Eight)

6. North Carolina (Elite Eight)

7. Michigan State (Round of 16)

8. Baylor (Elite Eight)

9. Florida (Elite Eight)

10. Marquette (Round of 16)

11. Missouri (Lost in first round)

12. Wisconsin (Round of 16)

13. Indiana (Round of 16)

14. Duke (Lost in first round)

15. Florida State (Round of 32)

16. Murray State (Round of 32)

17. Georgetown (Round of 32)

18. Cincinnati (Round of 16)

19. Vanderbilt (Round of 32)

20. North Carolina State (Round of 16)

21. Creighton (Round of 32)

22. Michigan (Lost in first round ... the team they lost to is escaping me right now)

23. New Mexico (Round of 32)

24. Xavier (Round of 16)

25. OHIO (Round of 16)

Hey, at least it's the first time since 2002 that a MAC team finished in the top 25. When Kent State made it to the Elite Eight that year, they finished ranked 12th in the Coaches Poll, below one of the teams they beat in the tournament.