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Belt Loops: Another Northern Illinois Female Standout Transfers

Stuff going on around the Mid-American Conference worth mentioning:

• First it was volleyball player Lauren Wicinski transferring to Michigan State. Now we have Claire Jakubicek, the reigning MAC Freshman of the Year, who is looking to get the heck out of DeKalb and play basketball somewhere else. Her mother said that NIU just wasn't a good fit. And it had nothing to do with the fact that she broke her ankle in mid-February, ending her season.

So what's wrong with NIU that all their best female players are trying to leave? Do the women's locker rooms smell? [Daily Chronicle]

• Akron football is completely embracing the Bowden lingo. Get your "Fear The Dadgum Roo" from the official UA shop. [Akron Zips Athletic Website]

DJ Cooper ruffled some Bobcats fans' feathers when cryptic tweets and quotes had some think he might be transferring. But he is not — he's staying with OHIO. [WOUB]

• And for good reason, Cooper was named to ESPN's All-Tournament Team, second team. [ESPN]

• Here's one of many reasons why jumping to the FBS is so desirable. You get to be in video games! (Although I remember a time they included I-AA teams in EA NCAA Football games.) Nonetheless, here's a still from UMass in NCAA '13. [Maroon Musket]

• It's never, EVER too early for 2013 basketball tournament predictions. Actually ... maybe it is. In this one, OHIO is projected as the MAC champs with Akron and Kent State looking inward. Points off for not having a potential OHIO-Illinois second round game. [CollegeBasketballTalk]