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VIDEO: The MAC Season Of Surprises And Searches

And yes, this was filmed before AnnMarie Gilbert resigned as Eastern Michigan's women's basketball coach (more on that later as we find out more.) But add that to the list of surprises!

This latest video is simply to demonstrate where we're at in the calendar as a fan of some entity in the MAC. Whether it's Jim Christian, Keno Davis, or [INSERT MIAMI COACH HERE HOPEFULLY BEFORE OCTOBER 2012] the sentiment is constant: new coach, slightly familiar face and new promise. This time it includes a bunch of surprises that hopefully turn out in the positive for all of us.

Now on that note, I'd love your help. Do you have any questions for us related to the MAC or otherwise? Comment or tweet with the tag #DearHustleBelt and we might use it in an upcoming mailbag section. Do you not want to ask us a question? Then you're probably too shy to ask and really DO want to ask us something.