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Akron Is Home Of The Fist-Pumping Champion

The latest MAC sport?
The latest MAC sport?

You know it's a slow news season in MAC sports when this type of bizarre activity makes the news. But this is, I guess, a thing: Akron citizen James Peterson went to the UA campus and attempted to pump his fist for 17 hours straight, which would be a world record. Some things to note from this story:

• He's unemployed. This helps.

• He's already done this once before, on St. Patrick's Day, but no officials were around to authenticate the feat.

• He glued his fist shut "to ensure I maintain perfect fist formation."

He's been hired by Terry Bowden as the official team motivator

• Among those who signed his shirt in support of the world record is Akron vice president Jim Tressel.

• James Peterson has now been suspended by the NCAA for four games and may consider declaring early for the National Fist Pumping League.

Will this become the newest MAC-sponsored sport? It's tough to predict, but ... yes it will be.