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Fist Pumpdate: He Did It


Yesterday we brought you the heartwarming story of a man, a dream, and a fist. He overcame great odds, the biggest among them likely boredom and also shoddy adhesive. But we're here to tell you today: HE DID IT. The Fist Pumper Of Akron made it 16 hours pumping his fist. MAC PUMPING CHAMPIONS, FOLKS. Jim Tressel is a proud university vice president today, no doubt.

At a watering hole near the U. of Akron campus, James Peterson broke what he felt is a world record for longest consecutive time fist-pumping. Never mind he did it to the song "Call Me Maybe." Actually ... that's probably important.

A production crew of two cameramen got the entire thing on film to document the record and I am assuming they're sending it to Guinness to prove that this was done. On a related note, I feel awful for anybody who interns for Guinness.

I wish I had some type of hand signal to express my gratitude to @MockingTheDraft for tipping me off on this important update.