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Bowling Green Football Linemen Are Burrito Champions

The person sitting across the table facing the camera in this local Qdoba establishment is Bowling Green junior defensive tackle Ted Ouellet, who started six games last year and recording one sack and forced fumble. Facing away from the camera is his teammate, senior right tackle Jordon Roussos, who made 12 starts last year. I don't know who the other two guys are, mostly because we don't care who finishes in second place in Relay Burrito Eating.

The apparent rules of this contest: one person on a team has to finish their burrito first, and once everything is gone (including all crumbs), the second person starts. And ... my god, I hate to spoil the ending for you, but this was a feat unseen by mortal mouths. Clearly the other finalists, by the time Ouellet finished his burrito, didn't care much either. Nor would I, because at that point ... hey, free burrito.

(via @BGFalconFootbal)