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NCAA Golf Championship: Kent State, Florida State In Playoff For 8th/Final Spot

Heading into the clubhouse of the Riviera Country Club in Palisades, California, Kent State needed to be eighth to advance to the match bracket. They went in ninth, one stroke behind Florida State. FSU missed a par putt on the final hole to give them the break they needed, and both teams are tied for eighth at +23 overall for the tournament through three rounds. Drama: not just reserved for MAC basketball and football anymore!

Because of this, they will head to a sudden-death playoff tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. PT. And here are the rules (via here). Basically the five members of each team play the same hole, the worst score is dropped from each team, and if a winner hasn't decided, they play another hole. The winning team faces Alabama in the match bracket, who went +7 in stroke play.

You can watch this too: I caught a bit of the end of stroke play yesterday with this link, so I am imagining the live feed will be right here, if not the NCAA golf main page oughta have the link.

The Kent State team of Mackenzie Hughes, Taylor Pendrith, Corey Conners, Kevin Miller, and Kyle Kmiecik will square off against Florida State's quintet of Brooks Koepka, Daniel Berger, Wesley Graham, Chase Seiffert and Joaquin Lolas. Further analysis? Nope, this is about as far as I can go! The game's 99 percent mental. Do it for Ben Curtis!