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Belt Loops: NIU Athletics Go Lip Dubbin'

News, notes and attempted viral videos that the MAC has seen recently:

And the cavalcade of outstanding if not cornball videos from the MAC continues.

In this case it's Northern Illinois athletes who put together a rather elaborate lipsync video of ... well, some song. I'm sure the kids have heard of it before. It's without a doubt a fitting cap to the four MAC championships NIU has won this year, including The Big One (football). We'll also consider this the greatest thing NIU basketball has been associated with this season. And SAY IS THAT MR. IRRELEVANT I SEE? (h/t @g_burkhardt04)

• Señor Brown Et Gold did a Q&A with College Football Zealots of the WMU football team's upcoming 2012 season. So glad more people are getting the word out that Bill Cubit needs to improve vastly this year, because...

• Sporting News came out with their MAC coach rankings and Bill Cubit is sixth because well I couldn't tell you why. Frank Solich is No. 1, which is about right. And hey, let's put Terry Bowden third, because we've heard of him!

• Pre-Snap Read has previews on Buffalo and Akron. For Buffalo there's way more defense on Jeff Quinn than I had pictured, and for Akron I love that the best case scenario is they go 8-4. I just ... no, that's not happening.

• Akron women's tennis drew Northwestern in the first round of the NCAA tournament at Northwestern next Friday. If you're looking for NIT revenge ... this is it.

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