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We're Down To Two Major MAC Vacancies

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It's May and we still have two notable openings in the Land of MAC.

Almost three months ago Buffalo said goodbye to Warde Manuel, who took the Connecticut job and transformed UB sports as a whole from "terrible" to "not awful." No joke, that's actually a hard threshold to overcome. The school hasn't commented much on the progress of their hiring other than, well, they're in the hiring process. And the article mentions that women's basketball coach Linda Hill-MacDonald's "future ... will be determined by the new athletic director." OK, hopefully in a year.

Meanwhile, three states over, we're a month and a half removed from Ball State women's basketball coach Kelly Packard's sudden resignation, which was a bit surprising but while she wasn't terrible she may have been on the hot seat. Normally coaching vacancies shouldn't take this long but in fairness to Ball State they had to hire an AD of their own (Bill Scholl) in mid-April. So at least they have a reason.

So we're almost there. All the positions will be filled this month, I can FEEL IT. But which one comes first?