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Greatest of All Time Tourney: Toledo

Welcome to the Toledo Rockets' portion of the program, and what is our oldest entry into the tournament. Remember how I mentioned that we almost didn't include Toledo? Ken Epperson isn't our oldest entry by much (one season earlier than Ron Harper), but it's much easier to get information from some schools than others, and much easier to get numbers for a five-time NBA champion than it is for a guy who never played a minute of professional ball in the states.

Ken Epperson (1981-85) - Played for the Rockets in the early eighties and was a solid presence down low, averaging 18.1 points and 8.6 rebounds over his career in Toledo. Those numbers were so solid, in fact, that he is still the ROckets' all-time leading scorer and rebounder.

Those numbers were not, however, impressive enough to get him drafted by anyone in particular. As a result, he eventually went overseas and had a reasonably successful career playing professional basketball in Austrailia.

Epperson has since remained Down Under and is now coaching in the Aussie Developmental league - his current squad is the Hume City Broncos.