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Greatest of All Time Tourney: Western Michigan

Now you come to our last entry into the tournament bracket, which also happens to be our youngest player to enter the fold.

Dave Kool just graduated from Western Michigan two years ago, and he finished his time with the Broncos as the school's all-time leading scorer (by a wide margin - almost 500 points), finishing his time with the team averaging 17.8 points and 4 rebounds per game over the course of his four years.

Perhaps this should come as no surprise from Michigan's 2006 Mr. Basketball - though I am shocked it took 45 years to break a scoring record that, in the modern 30+ game schedul, only required a 14 point per game career average.

I personally am most impressed by not just Kool's scoring ability, but his incredible free-throw shooting - he finished his career shooting 88.97% from the free throw line over the course of 680 attempts. To put that in perspective, that is a total of 75 missed free throws, an average of three misses every two games over his entire career. Surely that's the sign of a guy who can find a niche in the NBA?

Unfortunately, not to be. After his collegiate days, Kool received an invite to the Portsmouth Invitational but nothing significant ever developed from it, and he has since returned to the Broncos to serve as an assistant coach.