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Eastern Michigan Has New Uniforms: Yay?

Alex Gillett in what is now a technologically and visually dated Eastern Michigan uniform.
Alex Gillett in what is now a technologically and visually dated Eastern Michigan uniform.

Eastern Michigan's football squad recently released a new line of uniforms from Adidas, and it is most certainly getting what I would call mixed to poor response.

I know that the primary benefit from this is to show off Adidas' newer, lighter TECHFIT jerseys, and even the new Adizero cleats. Unfortunately, I worry about the actual look of the team, which is kind of important.

The shoulder wings are, at least, more subdued than what has previously appeared on other team uniforms, and I think if done right it could be a step up from the weird arched shoulder stripe from last season (seen above). But that's about the only positive, when you consider that the wing design is readily available for any team, anywhere, at any level to add to their Adidas uniform order (all the way down to the high school level).

Eastern Michigan is kind of stuck - they are hard pressed to do something original (aka "didn't Michigan State already do this") without, you know, throwing grey all over the place. Which they did. I saw the matte grey that Oklahoma State added to their uniforms last season - it looks absolutely bland and awful, both in concept and in real life.

The pants even irk me. The Adidas logo that was already on the front of the right hip will be joined by yet another "block E" on the left hip. This is not an appealing logo - putting it more places is not of help to anyone.

Look, I'm glad that EMU gets to build on a strong season by including in some newer, lighter, belt-free-pants uniforms, but do they have to look so...pedestrian? This is part of a larger issue of why the Hurons went away and got repalced by the Eagles in the first place, and why all the Eagle-centric designs are so blah, but I don't want to distract from this main topic with a rant.

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