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Capital One Cup: Kent State Finishes In The Top 50

Baseball and golfballs put Kent State in the top 50 of the Capital One Cup.
Baseball and golfballs put Kent State in the top 50 of the Capital One Cup.

As you may remember, Toledo women and Kent State men won the Jacoby and Reese trophies for the top MAC programs, based on their finish in every sport. It's a pretty spiffy thing and it celebrates success across all disciplines. I wish it was something the MAC tracked on an interval basis, rather than just hand it out at the end of the academic year.

It ain't as glamorous, and there's a total corporate sponsorship of the thing, but the Capital One Cup is pretty much the same thing, only across all Division I sports and gives schools points based on how they finish in national rankings or championships. You need to crack the top ten to score points. Some sports are weighted more than others. And yes, a couple of MAC schools made it.


Tied for 43rd place: Kent State, 18 points. They got 12 points for their finishing No. 7 in the baseball rankings, one spot behind Florida, y'know, that team they eliminated. For their fifth place finish in the NCAA Golf Championship, they earned six points. So Kent State cleaned up pretty well in the spring sports.

Tied for 96th place: Miami, 1 point. The point? You guessed it: hockey, 10th place in the final USA Today hockey poll.


Tied for 85th place: OHIO, 2 points. Only 16 teams make the field hockey tournament, and if you made the tournament then lost, you finished "tied for ninth," hence the deuce.

And that is all. Is Kent State's 18 points the most by a MAC team in however long they've done this? Probably! But the Reese Trophy is theirs for all eternity.