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VIDEO: Eastern Michigan Green/Gray Uniform Analysis

The good news is that the choice to wear those new Eastern Michigan uniforms are not an autocratic decision. They put the uniforms up to a vote the winning one will be worn on October 13 against Toledo. You can opt for gray on gray, gray on green or gray on white. You can also vote for a gussied up green/white uniform.

And as fashion sense would have it, green/white is leading the voting with 39 percent of the vote. Gray/green is polling at 28 percent, gray/gray at 26 percent and that ghostly gray/white combo is Craig Jamesing it at 8 percent. You can vote here. I've already made my decision.

Gray/green, to me, seems like the most logical competitor to the crown. But I am not satisfied. Technically this means "any old gray jersey" is polling at 62 percent. Green/white should have more than a plurality to send those matte gray uniforms back to where they belong: in the metal shop.