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Ex-CMU Running Back Austin White Arrested (Yes, Again)

It never ends with this man. The former Michigan running back-turned-CMU running back-turned-former CMU running back Austin White was slapped with two more felony counts stemming from an apparent burglary in his hometown of Livonia, Michigan earlier this month.

Per the Observer & Eccentric, White was charged with one count of second-degree home invasion and one count of felony larceny. This is all two months after White was kicked off Central Michigan's team following an arrest for being part of a mushroom toxin selling ring.

I really hate to harp on this kid, because he seems to be making one terrible mistake after another, and he's no longer part of the MAC football family. But at some point this string of bad behavior is going to keep out of organized football for the rest of his life. (I say that, and meanwhile Jerry Seymour was able to finish his career with a Division II school.) And it's not only that he's pulling off all these alleged crimes, but with getting arrested so much, he kind of sucks at it. Consider not robbing people.