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Toledo-BGSU Rivalry Continues In UIFL's Ultimate Bowl

Ready for some names from the past?

The United Indoor Football League (UIFL) is having its championship game on July 2 between the Florida Tarpons and Cincinnati Commandos. These low-exposure professional football leagues are hotbeds for former MAC players who still want to play competitive football, and those are stories I love. (Case in point: former BGSU quarterback Josh Harris moonlights in this league and he he loves it.)

But the championship game known as the "Ultimate Bowl" will pit not only two former MAC quarterbacks, but rival MAC QBs. The Cincinnati Commandos, who previously played in the Continental Indoor Football League (CIFL) and won it last year, are led by BGSU's all-time passing yards leader Tyler Sheehan. They will play at the Florida Tarpons, undefeated this year and their quarterback is former Toledo signal-caller Chris Wallace.

Yes, that Chris Wallace, who led Toledo to an 8-0 start in 1997 and No. 18 AP ranking before tapering off at the end of the year. He's 37 years old, if you're counting. And still playing football.

That's just awesome. Two generations of UT and BG quarterbacks facing each other. I don't care if it's "just the UIFL." Competition is competition, and I have a feeling both QBs know what type of auxiliary bragging rights are on the table.

I couldn't tell you what constitutes good indoor football numbers but this is pretty damn mesmerizing by Wallace: a 58-5 TD/INT ratio in nine games. Sheehan has thrown for 59 TDs in ten games and 18 interceptions, but is throwing for about 50 more passing yards (253.7) than Wallace per game. I got a feeling this game isn't going to be televised, but I'll have my eyes peeled for the box score, hoping that youth reigns supreme for Cincinnati.