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Keith Dambrot Throws First Pitch At Aeros Game, Did Not Use A Regulation Baseball

Akron head coach Keith Dambrot was a guest of honor at the Double-A Akron Aeros baseball game tonight and threw out the first "pitch." But — HEY THAT'S NOT A BASEBALL. I have to wonder if a first pitch can count in the historical record if it's not a baseball that is thrown.

I guess if you're going to pitch a basketball, you're not going to get many strikeouts and instead rely on your infield to field the ground balls. You're also not going to allow many, if any, home runs. But you also need to locate the pitch. That one looked like it bounce to get there. I love the bounce pass too, but save it for the hardwood. He also has the rules to BASEketbal completely wrong.

And I can't tell, but did Dambrot blow his arm out on that pitch? Maybe his career as a relief knucklebasketballer is over. The next time out he oughta just throw a rejection letter to Duquesne.

According to the twitvid credit this video (and off-camera snickering) is courtesy of incoming junior forward Demetrius Treadwell.