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The SB Nation Hall Of Fame Voting Guide, Hustle Belt-Style

The following is a paid advertisement by the Committee To Elect Jason Babin To The SBN Hall Of Fame.

Voting can be complicated. But special interest groups can make it easier!

When you go into the voting booth to select which defensive/special teams players and head coaches should make it into the inaugural Hall of Fame, take this handy guide with you. You'll feel smart, but more importantly, you won't have to think. Accept this ballot blindly!

Defensive line: Babin Babin Babin Babin Babin Babin Babin Babin.

Linebacker: Derrick Johnson, Texas. Choose no other defensive player named Derrick. NONE. AT. ALL.

Defensive back: Charles Woodson, Michigan. Heisman winners at this position are kinda good.

Special teams: Choose either Daniel Sepulveda or Ray Guy. Everybody loves punters, and if we can get this guy in, then Brad Maynard has a better chance next year!

Coach: Jim Tressel, because he works for Akron. I think that's why we're nominating him. Right?

Paid for by the Committee To Elect Jason Babin To The SBN Hall Of Fame